With NYOS® ROYAL ATLANTIC you are buying an absolutely pure, differentiated sea salt mixture that perfectly simulates natural coral reef conditions. We use only the purest ingredients, tailored to each other, of pharmaceutical quality. This premier sea salt mixture contains not only special growth and colour intensifying activators for corals, but also more than 70 trace elements. NYOS® ROYAL ATLANTIC Sea Salt is therefore perfectly suited to the requirements of modern coral reef aquariums. Each batch is subject to our strict controls and monitoring. Your corals will love each and every grain of it.

  • Specially adapted to the needs of modern reef aquariums
  • Optimized calcium, magnesium and potassium values
  • Contains KH and pH stabilizers
  • Contains growth and colour intensifier for corals
  • Is quick to dissolve and can be used directly
  • With ingredients of the highest purity, nitrate- and phosphate-free
  • Values: Ca: 430-450 mg/l, Mg: 1340-1360 mg/l, Alk/KH: 8-8,5° dKH, K: 380-400 mg/l