ICP Approved Salt Mix


Key Features Nyos® PURE® Salt Mix

  • Ultra-pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Extremely quick solubility
  • Consistent quality thanks to special mixing method
  • Near-natural levels
  • Improves color, growth and polyp expansion of corals
  • Transparency due to continual ICP batch controls:
    Check exact values of your bucket with QR Code on the lid!



Nyos® PURE® contains the purest, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients

  • Nyos® PURE® contains sodium chloride that is cleaned in a
    multi-step process. As a result, it is purer than salts which are acquired through
    the evaporation of sea water
  • Some of the ingredients are also used in the area of medical technology (dialysis)
  • Contrary to popular opinion, the most expensive ingredients in salt mixes are not trace
    elements, but calcium and magnesium compounds. Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are
    used with Nyos® PURE®
  • Through the use of these ultra-pure ingredients, Nyos® PURE® has a very low concentration
    of unwanted substances such as manganese, copper, aluminum or other heavy metals.
    This has a very positive influence on the development of coral, fish and invertebrates.

Nyos® PURE® dissolves into a crystal clear solution

  • The water doesn't develop a yellow tinge due to organic contaminants.
  • Nyos® PURE® contains virtually no insoluble white or black particles when dissolved.
  • The mixing container stays clean for a very long time. This eliminates the need for frequent
    cleaning of the mixing container due to the build-up of deposits and dirt.

Nyos® PURE®


Yellow test

1 kg of salt was dissolved in 25 liters of water and the yellow tinge was then compared.
A strong yellow color indicates organic contamination.

*The concentration of the impurities may vary depending on the batch.



Dissolves quickly

Due to the purity of the ingredients and the small particle size, Nyos® PURE® dissolves in around 5 minutes at room temperature.

For immediate use:

Salt water freshly enriched with Nyos® PURE® can be used in a few minutes. The widespread "salt water maturation" merely means that contaminants must still be precipitated into insoluble compounds. With Nyos® PURE®, this is not necessary due to the purity of the ingredients.

Problem solver

Due to the high quality and purity of the freshly prepared salt water, large water changes of 50% can also be performed in the event of problems in the aquarium.

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Special mixing process:

A special mixing process that is also used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors
creates consistent batch quality with Nyos® PURE® as well as a highly homogenous mixture.

Attuned particle size:

The attuned particle size of the ingredients prevents separation of the mixture in the bucket.
As a result, the levels of salt at the top and bottom of the bucket are virtually identical.
For instance, the levels don't change while a bucket is being used up.



Natural sea water as a model

With the Nyos® PURE® salt mix, we have set the goal of replicating as closely
as possible the composition of natural sea water. Based on our experience,
this is also the best guarantee for a successful salt water aquarium.
Nyos® PURE® has the following target main levels with respect to a salinity of 35% :

  • Carbonate hardness/alkalinity: ca. 8.5 dHK
  • Magnesium: ca. 1,350 mg/l
  • Sulphur: ca. 900 mg/l
  • Calcium: ca. 435 mg/l
  • Potassium: ca. 400mg/l
  • Bromium: ca. 62 mg/l
  • Strontium: ca. 8 mg/l
  • Boron: ca. 4.5 mg/l

No need for excessively elevated levels:

Nyos® PURE® does not contain any excessively elevated levels of calcium, magnesium
and carbonate hardness levels. Even in the event of larger water changes, the main levels
in the aquarium do not increase.



Long-term tests in coral farms have shown that the high purity
and the near-natural levels of Nyos® PURE® have a positive
effect on coral growth:

Improved polyp expansion

The polyp expansion of SPS, LPS and soft corals improves
both during the day and at night.

Enhanced color development

Corals show improved colors and delineate colors more sharply.


Using Nyos® PURE® results in the increased
formation of growth tips. Overall, it has a positive effect on growth. Acropora stony
coral forms basal discs in a very short time.

Long-term stable

In the event of salt mixes with excessively elevated levels, calcium, carbonate hardness
and magnesium may precipitate as insoluble compounds when the freshly prepared salt water is stored.
This results in an unwanted white precipitate. Since the values of Nyos® PURE® are in the normal range,
this effect does not occur, so that the salt water can be stored for a longer period of time.

No promotion of algae growth and cyano bacteria

Organic additives in the salt can, when changing large amounts of water or with new installations,
result in unwanted algae growth and the growth of cyano bacteria. Therefore, Nyos® PURE® does
not contain any organic additives.

One salt for everything

In terms of its composition, Nyos® PURE® is configured so that it can be
used when changing small and large quantities of water. It is just as suitable for a new installation
and for regular water changes.

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ICP batch control

Every batch of Nyos® PURE® is controlled
and documented on the basis of a ICP analysis. The most important values of the respective
salt bucket can be found on the lid of each bucket. The full ICP-analysis can be accessed
online by scanning the QR Code.

Honesty: What's inside is what's printed on the outside

With Nyos® PURE®, what's inside is
what's printed on the outside: In order to achieve a salinity
of 34 %o (35%o), 39 grams (40 grams) of Nyos® PURE® are required
per liter. No less and also no more.

Self-testing and comparing

Use Nyos® PURE® and see the difference.